How to Create a Home Inventory

It’s hard to remember every little thing you own in your home. Things are given to you or your buy them, then you put them aside for when you may need them. What would you do if you had a fire in your home and everything was destroyed?

Having a home inventory will help you remember everything you have lost, will help with any insurance claims you may file and help verify losses for your income tax return.

To start a home inventory:

1. Decide what will make it easier for you to remember, e.g. photos, lists, sales receipts, etc. There are many ways to record the inventory too, e.g. photos with written descriptions, video recorded on a thumb drive or files created with both photos and video saved onto the cloud.

2. Start with one room. Take a picture or video of the room. Make sure you open all cabinets and drawers so you capture everything in the picture.

3. List all items in the picture or describing what they are, including the make and model and where/when you purchased them.

4. If you have sales receipts, put them with this page. You will also need to know the estimated value of the items.

5. Store this information in a safe place. Away from your home is better. Use a safe deposit box, fireproof box, or at a relative’s home or work place.

Great apps to use for a Home inventory Know Your Stuff – Home inventory Mobile App   Liberty Mutual – Home Gallery App Sortly – Moving, Organizing & Inventory by My Things App Inc.