Graduation Day SurvivalIt’s an exciting day for students and families seeing your son or daughter on the stage, all dressed up and smiling from ear to ear. So many dreams are being made. So many plans for the future are being discussed. So how do you make it easier emotionally and physically?

Here are 8 tips on Surviving Graduation day:

  1. Arrive early to the venue. Your child will most likely have to be there at a certain time, but you should arrive at least an hour early to secure good seats to view where your child is sitting on stage.
  2. Eat and drink plenty before you go. Some graduations will take an hour and a half and others can go as long as 4 hours. The later being colleges, but some high school graduations could be 2 plus hours depending on the number of students.
  3. Bring tissues. It’s a happy day, but you don’t know what your emotions will be like on that day. So proud and excited for them, but the memories of when they were younger will pop into your mind.
  4. Bring your camera and phone. You don’t want to risk missing this exciting time. I left my phone charging and forgot the batteries to the camera I brought with me. I told my friend if you hear a scream, it will be me when the batteries die in the camera. Be prepared.
  5. Clap for every student, even if your hands hurt. Everyone deserves to hear this applause. It’s a big accomplishment. You don’t know all the challenges a student has had to face in order to reach this milestone.
  6. Live in the moment. Look at everyone and enjoy all the happiness. Congratulate all the students you see and the parents too. Appreciate all the grandparents and family members that have travelled to this celebration.
  7. Take many pictures. You know some will be with eyes closed or come out blurry. So take many. You can always delete the funny ones.
  8. Have a meeting place planned for after the ceremony. You will want to find your son or daughter as fast as you can to take as many pictures as possible with those that attended the graduation before they run off with their friends.

Now you can relax. You know how to get through the big day and enjoy the celebration.