How To Approach A Cyber Attack

September 14, 2015

No one is safe from a cyber-attack. It doesn’t matter the size of your business or personal accounts. Data breaches are happening every day. Hackers get into point-of-sale devices and servers that contain vital records and credit card information. This information is then sent to a remote server so the data is available. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common. So what can I do about a cyber-attack? Businesses: Focus on prevention and risk management. Know what information you have and where you have it. Know who has access to this information. Don’t keep information longer than you need to. Don’t rely on just the IT department. Everyone has a role in recognizing potential risks. Have a plan of protection in place. Update and test security programs. Audit your business. Have a plan of recovery in place. All employees play a role. They should know what they need to do. Have this plan spelled out and printed out. If a breach occurs, take these steps: Stop the attack by making servers and computers unusable (pull the plug) Change passwords Identify the technical malicious access Correct the technical access with new software and security Report the breach to your State’s...

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Your Dog and Neighbors: Preventing Biting

What happens if your dog bites your neighbor? Our dogs are our pets. No, not pets – family members. They keep us company, they entertain us, and they protect us. So, what are our neighbors? Most people consider their neighbors to be friends or at least cordial acquaintances. When something happens between neighbors, things can be strained. You want to repair this relationship as fast as you can or it will be uncomfortable living near each other. So what happens when your dog bites your neighbor? The obvious thing is to first get your dog under control and away from your neighbor. Then make sure your neighbor is OK. But wait, it’s usually so much more than that! We are talking about the liability of owning a dog. It is up to you to have proper control of your dog in any situation. When indoors, your dog should never be in front of you when answering the door. You should also pay attention to how your dog is behaving when someone does come to the door. Is he wagging his tail? Is he excited to see the person? Is he protecting you and acting aggressively? If he is wagging...

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