Avoid your packages stolen


96% of Americans shop online. The stats are staggering on how many people shop online and where they shop.

As we shop more and more online, we must consider the delivery of our packages. According to package theft statistics, each year more than 23 million Americans have their packages stolen.

We’ve seen it on tv, a homeowner gets a text alert from his home security that someone is at his door. While watching the video, he can see someone go up to his door and take his packages running away. Because he has the video and can support his claim, he gets a full refund.

Man delivering box


You should always look over the fine print when ordering from an online retailer to make sure they have a delivery guarantee. If not, you may be out of luck.

What can you do to avoid your packages from getting stolen?

  1. Install a security camera at the front door of your home. Most break ins happen to the front door of your home. A security camera will also serve as a deterrent to thieves. Click here for a simple chart to help you determine the best security system for you home. 
  2. Have your packages delivered to your office.
  3. Locked Mailboxes – you can find them at a local UPS store. Amazon Locker is growing. Check for the nearest one to you.
  4. Require Signature on Delivery. FedEx offers this, as do many other services.
  5. Reschedule Delivery to when you know you will be home. Most delivery services will track your packages and offer you the flexibility of scheduling your own delivery times.
  6. Create a delivery area that is more hidden from the street and make note of it on the delivery instructions.

House entrance for delivery

If you’ve ever wondered if your homeowners insurance would cover something like this, you’re not alone. Once the package has been delivered by the delivery service, it belongs to you, so unfortunately, you are responsible for it. In this case, your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover you, but it would be subject to your deductible.

Whether or not you would have coverage for an incident like this under your Homeowners Insurance policy varies greatly on your policy. Because each policy is unique, the best thing to do is ask your agent!

If you have questions about your insurance policy, please contact us to review.