Personal relationships were key when Anderson-Watkins Insurance was founded back in 1903. Being an independent insurance agency has allowed us to further grow and nurture these relationships by closely working one on one with our clients, and also representing multiple insurance companies – providing choices for the people in our communities. We sell a variety of insurance policies for both personal and business needs, including: health insurance, dental insurance, car insurance, life insurance, liability insurance and homeowners insurance.

Anderson-Watkins Insurance believes in ensuring our clients have the correct insurance coverage for their unique needs. Our professional agents have the product knowledge to help clients with coverage and discounts, and find the right carriers and solutions for the best protection of their assets. With our convenient office in Westbrook, we are able to meet with our clients where they live.

“Being there for our clients” means something different to everyone. At Anderson-Watkins, it means that our insurance agents are here to help you understand what your policy will cover, walk you through the claims process, and meet with you in person to review your policy options. Our agents have experience in many different areas of the insurance industry – personal property/liability, commercial property/liability and employee benefits – which gives our clients the confidence of knowing that their financial assets will be taking care of.

Anderson-Watkins Insurance’s team is an active part of the community. Our agents frequently attend fundraising events, volunteer for local organizations and have fun within the communities in which we work and live.

Trust, knowledge, experience and community involvement are all qualities our clients find at Anderson-Watkins Insurance agency. Start your relationship with Anderson-Watkins today. Request an insurance quote, find an office or give us a call at 207-856-5500.