Giving back doesn’t have to be something time consuming or big financially. It should be from the heart. Caring about others and what happens around you. It’s taking care of loved ones, helping someone with their non-profit business, volunteering at your child’s school or doing a fundraising triathlon. Being involved in others’ lives. Making a difference for a cause.

Anderson-Watkins employees do all of these things. We are so proud of everyone who works here. When we asked them about how they give back, they were humble and didn’t want to brag about anything. Once we highlighted some of the fantastic things that they do, everyone felt proud and happy to be recognized as someone who cares.

Please join us in some of the things our fantastic employees do to give back and volunteer.

  • Fundraising walks to Fundraising Triathlons to raise money to help find a cure for Cancer.
  • Car wash for local non-profit organizations in the community.
  • Bake and deliver cookies to community.
  • Family daily care and support.
  • Animal home care and support non-profit organizations.
  • Non-profit Pet Store assistance.
  • Provide Therapy dog for company.
  • Car Show involvement for community.
  • Library and Museum Fundraising.
  • School field trips and support local schools and sports.
  • Interpretation for elderly at doctor’s appointments
  • Preble Street Resource Center helping feed others
  • Blood Donors
  • 100+ Women who Care – giving organization to community.