What happens when you have mismanaged finances? What about if funds are misappropriated? What happens when one of your key executives is found negligent in court?

You protect your business with property, auto and liability insurance, but what about your directors and officers – the key executives that run your business? Directors & Officers Insurance provides protection against the costs of legal defense and indemnity coverage for the business, directors and officers, and employees in any potential lawsuits.

Anderson-Watkins Insurance has been providing business insurance for many years. We have experienced agents working with businesses in Maine to protect your executives with liability insurance. We get to know you and your business to find a Directors & Officers Insurance policy to fit your business and budget.

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We can answer all your questions about Directors & Officers coverage, including:

  • How do I determine how much coverage I need?
  • Does coverage apply to international claims?
  • Will my policy cover a new subsidiary?
  • Will all the directors of the business be covered?