You are excited about your vacation and finally get to the rental car counter when you are told why you need to sign up for their rental car insurance plan. All types of potential consequences that may impact your own insurance. To quickly get on with your vacation plans, you buy the insurance.

We all second guess whether we need rental car insurance or not.

Things to Check

  1. Auto insurance policy. Ask our professional insurance agents at Anderson-Watkins Insurance. They will look at your auto policy to determine if you already have insurance coverage for the rental car.
    Liability insurance typically carries over when you’re driving a rental car. Confirm you are comfortable with the limits you have for coverage.
    Comprehensive and Collision coverage insurance pays for non-driving expenses (theft, fire or vandalism) and helps pay for damage to your car from a crash whatever the cause. The biggest thing you should ask is if there is coverage for loss of use of the car if damaged while you are renting it.
  2. Home insurance policy. Are your belongings covered wherever you take them? The rental car insurance for personal effects coverage can then be declined.
  3. Health insurance policy. The rental car company’s personal accident insurance is a great offer, but not needed if your policy limits are adequate.
  4. Travel Insurance policy. If you purchased travel insurance for your vacation, rental car collision coverage is often included.
  5. Credit card benefits. Most offer this as a benefit to card members as long as you pay for the rental car with that credit card.

Things to ask

  1. Do I have car insurance? If not or you don’t have comprehensive and collision, you may want to purchase the car rental company’s loss damage waiver.
  2. Are you travelling for business? Your personal car insurance may not cover you. Check with your agent.
  3. Am I travelling outside of the US? Most insurance companies will not cover you outside of the US and Canada. You should also contact your credit card company, as it may not cover you as well.


Find out the answers before you get to the car rental counter tired from a flight. Know what your insurance needs are before you get behind the wheel. You do not want to ruin your vacation with an accident or asking “what if?” the whole time.

Anderson-Watkins insurance is here to help answer any of your insurance questions. Call us to learn about what your policy covers before you go on vacation. 207-856-5500