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No one is safe from a cyber-attack. It doesn’t matter the size of your business or personal accounts. Data breaches are happening every day. Hackers get into point-of-sale devices and servers that contain vital records and credit card information. This information is then sent to a remote server so the data is available. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common.

So what can I do about a cyber-attack?


Focus on prevention and risk management. Know what information you have and where you have it. Know who has access to this information.

Don’t keep information longer than you need to.

Don’t rely on just the IT department. Everyone has a role in recognizing potential risks.

Have a plan of protection in place. Update and test security programs. Audit your business.

Have a plan of recovery in place. All employees play a role. They should know what they need to do. Have this plan spelled out and printed out.

If a breach occurs, take these steps:

  • Stop the attack by making servers and computers unusable (pull the plug)
  • Change passwords
  • Identify the technical malicious access
  • Correct the technical access with new software and security
  • Report the breach to your State’s Attorney General
  • Contact all impacted.
  • Regain client/customer confidence by being honest and offering them something

Personal and Business:

Only connect to the internet over secure, password protected networks.

Know who the email is coming from and trust it is not hacked before clicking on any links or opening attachments. Turn off the automatic open attachments option.

The trusted businesses you work with (banks, financial services) will not ask for information online.

Change your passwords often. Do not use the same password on all devices.

Update your anti-virus and other software to help keep security updates current.

Do not share information online if possible.

Review your personal privacy settings on your social media accounts.

You are not the only one dealing with cyber-attacks. Share your information to others to help prevent them in the future.