When water runoff overwhelms your drainage system, you get flooding. Many towns in Maine are in extreme flood zones, while others are in moderate. At any time though, your home can flood due to excess rain amount. This Spring is no different. We have had many rain storms following a snowy winter. Thus, river flooding and ground saturation is high. 

How to prevent flooding in home?

  1. Check all drainage around the outside and inside of your home. Do you have gutters? Make sure they are clear to help move the water where you want it to go. 
  2. Make sure you have proper grading of the soil around your home so the slope will deter water from your home.
  3. check the basement for slop and drainage too. If everything is level, you will not have drainage if water gets into the basement and you will need a sump pump to move the water. A sump pump will be placed below the basement level and will pump water from inside the home to outside. Always make sure you have a battery backup or generator in case the electricity goes out. 
  4. When municipal wastewater systems get stress there may be issues with backup flows into your home. A Backflow Preventor device can be installed. This helps you have control of outside water issues.
  5. Sewer backup and Flood insurance can be insured. Ask your insurance agent about your flood zone area and what it would cost you to be in control of your water issues.

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