Maine has some beautiful locations for using your boat or other personal watercraft. From the coastline to the lakes, Mainers love spending time on their boats, which is why it is very important you also have the right boat insurance. You want to make sure you are protected while fishing, waterskiing or just touring our beautiful waterways. Unfortunately unforeseen accidents do happen, and the result can often be expensive boat repairs and/or medical expenses.

Anderson-Watkins Insurance can help advise you on the best marine insurance coverage options for you. From liability coverage to full-value coverage of your boat, we make sure you can relax while enjoying your time on the water, knowing that if an accident does happen you are protected by the right policy. We offer discounted boat insurance rates for safe and experienced boat owners.

We can offer you a Boat Insurance policy that will cover all of your needs.

  • Boat damage from a collision, fire, lightning, theft or vandalism
  • Items permanently attached to your boat, e.g. equipment and anchors
  • Boat motors and fittings
  • Liability coverage to pay for damage to someone else’s property caused by your boat
  • Medical payment coverage to help cover bills that arise from injuries to you or your passengers
  • Liability coverage for guests using your boat with permission