What if your apartment burns down? Where would you go? How would you pay for new clothing, furniture or appliances?

You don’t want to think about these things. But bad things do happen to good people. You should think about your personal belongings. Theft, vandalism, and fire happen more than you know. Your landlord’s rental property insurance only covers the physical structure of the rental property, not your belongings.

Anderson-Watkins Insurance can help you determine what you need for Rental Insurance to protect your belongings.

Getting Rental insurance is easy and will help you settle in your new place. For a Maine Renters insurance quote or if you have questions about Renters insurance, call Anderson-Watkins Insurance at 207-856-5500.

Most Renters Insurance policies cover:

  • Personal Property: Renters insurance helps you replace your belongings after a covered loss in your home. Once you add up what everything in your home is worth, you may be surprised at the total value of your personal property. Could you replace everything in your home if there was a fire?
  • Personal Liability: What happens if you accidentally hurt someone in your apartment and they sue you? Accidents happen, and if you are at fault, then your renters insurance policy can provide liability coverage and pay for legal costs.
  • Medical Payments: What happens if that person needs medical assistance? Your Renters policy can help pay for these costs up to a certain limit.
  • Additional Living Expenses: If you cannot stay at your rental home because of a covered loss, your rental insurance can help you pay for a place to stay.