Should I buy Rental Car Insurance?

June 28, 2018

Car Rental Insurance

  You are excited about your vacation and finally get to the rental car counter when you are told why you need to sign up for their rental car insurance plan. All types of potential consequences that may impact your own insurance. To quickly get on with your vacation plans, you buy the insurance. We all second guess whether we need rental car insurance or not. Things to Check Auto insurance policy. Ask our professional insurance agents at Anderson-Watkins Insurance. They will look at your auto policy to determine if you already have insurance coverage for the rental car. Liability insurance typically carries over when you’re driving a rental car. Confirm you are comfortable with the limits you have for coverage. Comprehensive and Collision coverage insurance pays for non-driving expenses (theft, fire or vandalism) and helps pay for damage to your car from a crash whatever the cause. The biggest thing you should ask is if there is coverage for loss of use of the car if damaged while you are renting it. Home insurance policy. Are your belongings covered wherever you take them? The rental car insurance for personal effects coverage can then be declined. Health insurance policy....

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Help! What do I do with my life? Life insurance that is…

March 29, 2017

Graduate, now what

As your typical 20 something year old I know that I’ll be out of the nest and off my parents’ insurance plan soon, but then what? I am getting my life started, renting an apartment, buying a car, finding a job in my career field, possibly getting married? …Well, maybe not the married part, but like most of my peers I want my assets to be protected while I’m “alone” in the world. We’re all familiar with that little green gecko, the “we are farmers” jingle, Flo from Progressive, but remain so unfamiliar with what they are actually trying to sell us. So I’ll start with the easy questions that I’m shy about asking, because in a world where we are all trying to adult I feel like an infant when it comes to understanding insurance. What is insurance? Put simply, insurance is an exchange of a small loss in the form of a payment to protect you from a much larger financial loss in the form of an accident. More concisely, it is a transfer of risk. An insurance claim is when you utilize the “insurance product” you pay for to help cover your costs. Everyone has a...

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